Organic Road Certified Organic Pepitas

Organic Road Certified Organic Pepitas are the inner kernels of pumpkin seeds.

They have a buttery flavour and a crunchy texture, making them the perfect seed to snack on.

They have a wide range of nutrients, including B group vitamins, minerals, fibre, essential fatty acids and phytosterols.




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Serving suggestions:
Consume pepitas as a snack, sprinkle them over breakfast cereal or salad,
or use them in baking.
Add flavour and crunch to pepitas by lightly toasting them in the oven,
sprinkled with the seasoning of your choice.
Spice things up by trying them with a light dusting of chilli or curry powder!
Sautee or stir fry pepitas with vegetables.
Mix into your favourite veggie burger or rissole recipe.

100% certified organic pumpkin seed kernels.

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